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We believe that every act of caring counts. Small deeds can often go unacknowledged and unrewarded but we hope to show the world that every ounce of kindness and generosity can help others become more compassionate – and in turn help make our world a better place.

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With initiatives ranging from the delivery of care packages, to clothes drives to hyperlocal community events, we strive to restore humanity by creating opportunities to empower and help the less fortunate whenever, wherever and however we can. At Care More we believe that the purest form of love is doing for others. Our goal: bring joy to all walks of life through the art of giving while encouraging others to get involved, give back and simultaneously elevate their souls in the process.




Our Care Givers gather to assemble each package before it is distributed, networking and developing a common bond ensuring every bag is packed with love. While out in the field, all volunteers are encouraged to stop and talk to the individuals they are blessing, getting to know who they are as people. Our care givers typically find themselves sitting and talking for some time! This one-to-one interaction is what we’re all about.


We partner and support likeminded organizations who are committed to serving their communities ranging from music festivals, foundations, corporations, artists, and entrepreneurs. Collaboration is a beautiful thing.


We’re constantly thinking of new ways to get people involved. Our goal is make community service apart of your everyday life. Whether it be through a smile, a care package, small donation to someone in need or attending an event where proceeds go toward a specific cause.



the secret ingredients to our great cause


Founder + Chief Care Officer

Mercedes grew up daring to believe that she could change the world and has devoted her life to courageously striving to do so daily. At the early age of 14, Mercedes took the initiative to contact the editor at Newsday.com regarding its lack of coverage of the Darfur genocides. Her simple email inspired the publication to send a news crew and photographers on the grounds of Darfur to cover the story. After their month-long trip, they returned to interview the tenacious 14-year-old whose search for more sparked and inspired social awareness to promote change.

While establishing her professional career after college, Mercedes observed the lack of empathy for homelessness in New York and founded Care More, a non-profit organization dedicated to delivering hope to the homeless community through outreach events and innovative programming.

Her work in philanthropy has gained recognition from renowned public figures such as Oprah Winfrey, who celebrated her in O Magazine and BET Networks who listed Mercedes as one of the “29 People You Should Know" for Black History Month.




Joseph V Moore Jr. is a photo journalist, artist, and active citizen from Paterson, New Jersey with a love for documenting in all forms. With an undeniable talent for letting the photo speak for itself, Joe helps Care More tell the stories of the hundreds of homeless individuals it blesses.

Joe is also the founder of the DocYOUments Journal Magazine, an audio, digital & physical journal magazine of melanated narrations. He remains heavily involved in the arts and community service circuit in New Jersey, where he documents local events & outreach programs such as protest, town hall meetings and youth development workshops.

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A Note From Our Founder

Mercedes c. Smith

Lets Care More Mercedes C Smith

Most of us have never really been without necessary hygiene products. We never had to worry about when and where we’d take our next shower, if we have toothpaste and a toothbrush or deodorant. We simply get up, conduct our daily hygiene process and go about our lives. Yet there are a 100 million people on the planet who don’t have the hygiene amenities we take for granted due to homelessness and poverty. 

That’s a huge number. In fact, The National Alliance to End Homelessness states that there are 564,708 people experiencing homelessness on any given night in the US, without access to hygiene products. Items we can’t imagine to go without for over 24 hours. 
Care More is here to introduce you to a few of those people, to show you that they are real and need our help. A lot of the members of the homeless community are overlooked and forgotten about. At times seen as the invisible people of society. 

We invite you to put yourself in their shoes and work to help us deliver small forms of hope through care packages and conversation. We know it’s not the grandest solution to put an end to homelessness, yet it’s a small step in the right direction to show them that we care and most importantly want to help. 
We believe that every act of caring counts. Small deeds can often go unacknowledged and unrewarded but we hope to show the world that every ounce of kindness and generosity can help others become more compassionate – and in turn, help make our world a better place. 

With Love, Mercedes